2018 Priorities

The Ohio Mayors Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of mayors in Ohio’s largest cities, advocates for improved tax and budgetary policies for municipalities. The following are our additional policy priorities:

Opioid Crisis

As a coalition of local leaders on the front lines of Ohio’s ongoing opioid epidemic, the Ohio Mayors Alliance will continue to share best practices for responding to the opioid crisis, as well as to engage state and federal leaders for the purposes of establishing a more coordinated and comprehensive approach to confronting Ohio’s opioid crisis.


The Ohio Mayors Alliance believes that a strong transportation infrastructure is critical to economic opportunities in Ohio and its metropolitan regions. As leaders in Ohio’s largest cities, we intend to advocate at both the state and federal level for the necessary resources to make sure that the arteries of our economy our strong.


Cities are the engines of economic growth that are driving that state economy, with over 90 percent of that state GDP generated in the largest metropolitan regions, the Ohio Mayors Alliance will continue to work to understand and communicate the unique role that cities play in the state economy, as well as to advocate for improved revenue sharing that supports business development and job growth in Ohio’s cities.


To ensure that our democracy is responsive and that our congressional representatives understand the challenges and opportunities in Ohio’s cites, the Ohio Mayors Alliance will engage on efforts to encourage bipartisan redistricting reform in Ohio.

Home Rule

Home rule authority for local communities is a protected right in the Ohio Constitution and the Ohio Mayors Alliance will actively oppose state legislation that undermines communities’ ability to govern themselves and erodes Ohio’s constitutional rights to home rule.