2018 Annual Report

Fellow Ohioans,

In this time of partisanship and polarization, we are incredibly proud of our work to come together — as Democrats and as Republicans — to advocate for issues that impact our communities. Since our formation in 2016, we have been a consensus-oriented organization, yet we haven’t been afraid to take on challenging issues.

As local leaders, we have the important task of not only governing our cities, but also working with state and federal partners. While we may be from different parties, we all want to improve the well-being of the residents of our cities and throughout the state. As a bipartisan coalition we are able to work together to find solutions to the complex problems that take many different viewpoints and values into consideration, resulting in better public policy for Ohioans.

In the past year, we have had important impacts on congressional redistricting, Ohio’s education and workforce, the opioid crisis, and local government funding. Though there is still much work to be done, we are excited to partner with the new administration and General Assembly to improve the lives of our constituents and advance the state from the ground up.