2021 Policy Agenda

Recovery, Resiliency, and Equity

The Ohio Mayors Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of mayors in Ohio’s largest communities, has outlined its policy priorities for 2021, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and bipartisanship. The mayors outlined a broad policy agenda focused on Recovery, Resiliency, and Equity. The mayors’ policy priorities include a mix of legislative proposals, as well as local solutions and improved collaboration.

Supporting a safe, stable, and strong recovery from the coronavirus pandemic

  • Getting through the pandemic safely until a vaccine becomes available and then fully focus on recovery.
  • Promoting stability for the public and private sectors by providing federal supports and minimizing disruption and dramatic policy changes.
  • Finding solutions to ensure that workers, businesses, and local communities bounce back quickly.

Addressing racial inequality, promoting justice, improving public safety

  • Focusing on racial inequalities in areas such as health, economics, and criminal justice.
  • Supporting equitable and just policy solutions, especially around police reform and public safety.
  • Advocating for and against state law changes that proliferate gun violence in our cities.
  • Expanding advocacy to a broader set of criminal justice issues like sentencing reform.

Advocating for a balanced redistricting process that strengthens our democracy

  • Advocating for a bipartisan, transparent process for a more balanced and fair outcome.

Promoting the economic impacts of cities and the value of continued investments

  • Educating state and federal leaders on the economic impacts cities have on the statewide economy.
  • Advocating for state and federal investments to cities for such things as COVID relief, LGF, and other revenue sharing and grant programs.

Strengthening educational attainment and career pathways for the next generation

  • Supporting local actions and state-level advocacy to focus support education attainment and improved workforce development opportunities.

Advancing clean energy solutions and supporting improved sustainability

  • Advocating for state level solutions and supporting local efforts to promote clean energy and improve sustainability.

Promoting healthy communities and continuing to confront the addiction crisis

  • Supporting and promoting active communities and solutions to the addiction crisis through state advocacy, partnerships, and local initiatives.

Protecting and promoting the importance of home rule for local communities

  • Actively monitoring and engaging on state legislation that takes away local control and undermines home rule authority.

Finding solutions for more accessible housing and cities’ comprehensive infrastructure needs

  • Promoting the importance of accessible and affordable housing, as well as a variety of infrastructure needs that include transportation, water and sewer, and digital.