Ohio Mayors Urge Congress to Come Together and Pass Bipartisan Innovation Act

July 15, 2022

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Mayors Alliance sent the following letter today to Members of the Ohio Congressional Delegation urging Congress to come together and pass the Bipartisan Innovation Act:

Dear Members of the Ohio Congressional Delegation:

As a bipartisan coalition of mayors in Ohio’s largest cities, we are strongly urging Congress to come together and pass the Bipartisan Innovation Act without any further delay. This critically important legislation will help to revitalize American manufacturing, strengthen our domestic supply chains, enhance our nation’s economic security, and support the largest economic development project in Ohio history. Failure to resolve the differences in the House and Senate versions of this bill will have catastrophic consequences in Ohio and around the country.

As you know, the central Ohio region will be the site of Intel Corporation’s new semiconductor manufacturing facility. This project, whose financing relies on support included in the Bipartisan Innovation Act, will have a profound impact on not just central Ohio, but the entire statewide economy. That is because this legislation includes funding for multiple critical projects across Ohio, including automotive and airport investments in Northeast Ohio, as well as business research investments in Southwest Ohio.

We greatly appreciate the support for these bills from our Ohio delegation in both the U.S. House and Senate. But now is the time to push further and implore your leadership teams in both chambers to resolve the remaining differences and sign this bill into law as soon as possible! Further delay in the passage of this bill will not only give other countries a competitive advantage to attract chip manufacturers like Intel, but it will hurt Ohio’s economy by slowing the progress of Intel’s $20 billion semiconductor manufacturing development here in our state.

If we can be of any assistance or if there is anything you need from us, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you again for all you do to represent our communities in Congress. The Bipartisan Innovation Act is critical to America’s national security and economic interests, and it directly supports thousands of good-paying Ohio jobs. We urge Congress to come together and pass this critically important legislation without any further delay.

Respectfully submitted,