As we reopen sectors of our economy and attempt to find a new normal of how we go about our daily tasks, it is important we reinforce the messages of taking simple, preemptive, individual actions to protect ourselves and those around us and slow the spread of disease.

These actions include wearing a mask, washing our hands frequently, avoiding large gatherings, and staying home when possible, especially for those in higher-risk categories.

We are in this together and Ohioans take care of Ohioans. Each of us has the responsibility to slow the spread of this disease.

What you can do

Share content on your city’s social media
Share content using the Governor’s resources as well as content provided below.

Make a video PSA
Using the script suggestion below or something of your own, create and share a video that emphasizes the importance of taking responsible personal actions to mitigate the spread of disease.

Ask a local celebrity or influencer to help amplify your message
Do you have someone in the community that has a large social media following that can help drive home this message? Provide them with the resources they need to make this easy.

Hashtags you should use





Social media posts

Facial coverings protect you and those around you from spreading the disease. Ohioans protect Ohioans. #InThisTogetherOhio #StaySafeOhio

Physical distancing, staying 6 feet away from others, is one step we can all take to protect our community. Ohioans protect Ohioans. #InThisTogether #StaySafeOhio

We must remain committed to fighting COVID-19, when out in public wear a facial covering, wash your hands, and stay 6 feet away from others. #InThisTogetherOhio #StaySafeOhio

We are all in this together. By taking in simple, individual actions like wearing a facial covering and physical distancing, you can protect you and those around you from the spread of disease. #InThisTogether #StaySafeOhio

Your actions will safe lives:

✔️ Wear a facial covering

✔️Keep your distance from others

✔️Wash your hands regularly

#InThisTogether #StaySafeOhio

Social media images

State of Ohio Images

#InThisTogether I Believe PSAs

#InThisTogether All of Us PSA

More Than A Mask

Why I Wear A Mask

Ohio #FindItHere Posters

City Images

Are you interested in logos like these for your social media channels? Send us an email and we will work to design them for your use.

Ohio Mayors Alliance Video

Sample PSA script

“As we return to a new normal of work and play, we must remember that the coronavirus is still amongst us and remains a risk, especially for those more vulnerable to the disease.

“That is why we encourage our residents to wear a facial covering when out and about in the community. They protect you and those around you from further spreading the disease. Additionally, commonsense measures like hand washing, cleaning surfaces, and continued social distancing of six feet can protect you, your family, and your friends.

“Because of the work and commitment you all made early on to stay at home and social distance, we have flattened the curve. But we must maintain the same level of commitment as we reopen and protect others from this disease.”

Masks On Ohio Campaign

P&G has developed the Masks On Ohio campaign for our cities to utilize in their communications about the importance of mask wearing. Below is a one-pager of the campaign and a link to a Drive of campaign assets.

Masks = Kindness Partner Toolkit

The City of Columbus developed the Masks = Kindness campaign to encourage residents to wear face coverings out of respect and kindness to others and to build community health, safety and resiliency. The campaign can be used and individualized for other cities to spread the message.

To view the messaging, PSA script, social media copy and graphics, download the PDF below.

Recruit an influencer in your community

Is there someone in your community who has a substantive social media reach or speaks to a particular group in your community that can help amplify this message? Here are some resources you can provide them to help make this request and make it as easy as possible to help us spread the word.

One-pager for Outreach to Community Influencers

Who counts as a community influencer? Think of the people who talk to a large group of people in your city. This could be a high school class president, the football coach, a business owner, or a community activist.

Engage with your city’s young people

One segment of a city’s population that is especially important to engage in this campaign are young people, those in high school, back from college, and young adults. How can we work to ensure they understand the importance of social distancing and continuing the commitment to staying at home? And how can we communicate with them and their peers this message?

One-pager for Engaging Young People

Move with the Mayor Messaging Toolkit

Mayors are working hard to respond to COVID-19 as we all adjust to new routines and cope with new stressors. The National Forum put together a social media messaging toolkit to help Move with the MayorTM participants promote well-being, including reducing stress, eating healthy, and staying active.

COVID-19 Social Media Messaging Toolkit