JobsOhio is Ohio’s economic development corporation. Through partnership with key stakeholders, including regional and local economic development partners, elected and appointed officials, the business community, and public and private institutions, they have helped to boost innovation and drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio.

The Ohio Mayors Alliance is proud to partner with JobsOhio to present regional economic development data to better understand the impact Ohio’s cities have in the economic strength of the entire state.

Ohio's cities are the engines of economic growth

Ohio’s metropolitan regions, including larger central cities and surrounding suburbs, are the engines for innovation, opportunity, and economic growth in our state. Ohio’s eight metropolitan regions are responsible for nearly 80 percent of the state’s entire GDP and are home to 75 percent of Ohio’s residents.

In 2019 and 2020, Ohio’s metropolitan regions accounted for 70 percent of the major announcements for major business expansions and attractions.

Ohio Mayors Alliance cities and metro regions account for:

Why Ohio?

When businesses are looking to establish or expand their workforce, Ohio and its cities present unique opportunities that make our state a prime choice for businesses looking for a home.

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