Mayor Jack Bradley

Lorain, Ohio

Population: 65,211

Jack W. Bradley is a husband, father, veteran, business owner and attorney with 40 years of experience and service to Lorain. A graduate of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, he also taught elementary school at Emerson Elementary School for 5 years while attending law school at night. Unwavering in his commitment to the youth, he has spent 20 years working with teens and leading youth retreats which supported high school students to believe in themselves and lead a successful life.

Born in Lorain and living here his entire life, Bradley has achieved much through hard work and dedication, yet he also understands hardship and believes in lending a hand to people when they most need support. When he was only 5 years old, his father, a mechanic, lost his right arm in a tragic work accident, yet in watching his parents overcome this tragedy, he learned true strength and was also instilled with the value of never giving up.

As mayor, he will dedicate his life to making you proud to call Lorain your home.