Power a Clean Future Ohio

The Ohio Mayors Alliance is a partner of the Power a Clean Future Ohio (PCFO) campaign. PCFO is an expansive, diverse coalition engaging cities and local governments across the state of Ohio to build a clean future for our communities. Power A Clean Future Ohio is empowering local leaders with tools and resources to create carbon reduction plans and implement them in ways that are achievable, measurable, equitable, and economical.

Supporting our mayors on their work to implement equitable, local energy and sustainability programs is important to the overall health of our state. The diverse and resource-rich coalition is able to provide our mayors with technical expertise and guidance as they continue on their clean energy journey.

Equity Coaching for Sustainable Cities Program

Power a Clean Future Ohio is offering city and local governments the opportunity to participate in the Equity Coaching for Sustainable Cities Program.

This will provide a small group of city leaders and staff the chance to engage with one another on the issues of racial equity, access to resources, and representation. How do these issues impact your community? How does your local government’s programs, policies, and practices actively work to address these issues?

This fully-funded in-kind grant program includes: 4 hours of equity coaching, fully-funded greenhouse gas inventory or fleet inventory, expert policy recommendations and technical assistance, and personal and professional development for staff.

Ohio Clean Energy Summit: Local Communities Lead

On May 17-20, 2021, Power a Clean Future Ohio and the City of Cincinnati hosted the virtual Ohio Clean Energy Summit: Local Communities Lead. There were three panels all leading up to the marquee event on Thursday. The Ohio Mayors Alliance, the Ohio Environmental Council, and the Ohio Conservative Energy Forum were proud to be supporting partners of the summit.

If you were unable to attend the summit, you can find recordings of it on the PCFO website.

Cities made the #Ohio30by30 pledge to to reduce their city’s carbon footprint by 30% by 2030.

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