Ohio Mayors Alliance

A Bipartisan Coalition of Ohio’s Largest Cities

The Ohio Mayors Alliance is a bipartisan coalition of mayors in Ohio’s largest urban and suburban communities. By coming together and speaking with one voice about the challenges and opportunities of Ohio’s cities, we can more effectively advocate for our communities and our constituents. 


Our mission is to strengthen Ohio’s cities and metropolitan regions through collaboration, communication, improved advocacy, and stronger partnerships with policymakers. As we come together, we will advance policy priorities that bring communities and leaders together, ensure a high quality of life for our citizens, and strengthen the economic vibrancy of our communities and our state.


The Ohio Mayors Alliance is structured to ensure that there is bipartisanship and consensus building amongst the cities. The board members must be from opposite parties and include representation from the larger cities and the smaller ones under 80,000 in population. Adoption of any official policy position by the Ohio Mayors Alliance must be approved by a supermajority or two-thirds of the total membership.