February 7, 2019

Middletown Mayor Mulligan and Lakewood Mayor Summers testify in front of the Governor’s Transportation Committee


Columbus, OH – Yesterday, members of the Ohio Mayors Alliance testified in front of the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Transportation Infrastructure. Middletown Mayor Larry Mulligan Jr. and Lakewood Mayor Mike Summers provided testimony to the committee on the critical transportation infrastructure needs in Ohio’s cities.

“We have consistently heard our residents raise the issue of potholes, limited maintenance and the overall poor condition of the city’s streets, as disappointments and items that need addressed,” said Mulligan. “I’m sure this can be said for many communities across the state.”

The Ohio Mayors Alliance is part of the Fix Our Roads Ohio coalition that is advocating for a dedicated funding solution that provides long-term, smart investment in Ohio’s transportation future, including local funding streams and dedicated funding for transit.

Summers advocated for smart investment in public transit that connects people with their jobs, arguing that if the state and its cities want to attract employees and employers for economic development, we must acknowledge transportation is a key part of the equation.

After public testimony, the committee deliberated possible solutions to the over $1 billion funding gap that the Ohio Department of Transportation and local communities are facing. Members of the committee recommended a range of options to address this funding shortfall, including increasing the motor fuel user fee. The committee will submit a formal report to Governor DeWine that will inform his transportation budget bill, which must be passed by the General Assembly by March 31.

Ohio Mayors Alliance member and Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan is a member of the Governor’s committee. The Ohio Mayors Alliance is a bipartisan coalition of mayors from Ohio’s largest cities.